Introduction to Modular Cloud

Modular Cloud enables developers to build multi-chain applications with ease. The flagship product powered by Modular Cloud is Explorer—a free and open source block explorer that is easy to integrate with any protocol.

In a modular world, it is anyone can create a new chain, rollup, or decentralized protocols. Since traditional blockchain cloud infrastructure is not built to handle multiple chains, this creates huge opportunities for individuals and teams building for this new paradigm. Modular Cloud gives developers everything they need to take on this emerging market.

Protocol Developers

A protocol developer is an individual or organization that is building an L1 blockchain, rollup, or other type of decentralized protocol.

  • We offer a block explorer for your protocol.
  • The APIs providing data to our block explorer can be made available to third-party developers in your ecosystem.
  • We can automatically connect your protocol to applications built on our cloud, providing a rich ecosystem of compatible apps and tools within seconds.
  • The base cost is $0. Charges will only be incurred based on additional services provided.

Application Developers

An application developer is an individual or organization that is using a decentralized protocol. This could be a game, dapp, wallet, dev tool, or even a block explorer.

  • Our block explorer can be customized to fit the needs of your application. Instead of only focusing on the base protocol, we also offer rich contextualization at the application level.
  • You can build apps that work with hundreds of chains, including ones that are not often supported by other cloud providers.
  • Usage-based billing. No fixed costs for hosting, indexing, or storage. This is particularly important when you are working with muitlple chains.



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