This is API is in beta. We do not have authentication and access to these endpoints is completely free charge. This will change in the future, but until then these should not be depended on in production enviroments and are subject to change.

Virtual Machines

Our APIs support the following blockchain VMs.



The only Move network currently available to the public is Movement Labs’ M1. The endpoint listed in the docs automatically selects this network, so no configuration is required.


Use the following chain-id values to select the network you want to query.

Chain ID is assigned by Modular Cloud. It is not the same as the CHAIN_ID from EIP-155. To avoid this name collision, our internal chain ID will eventually be deprecated.

Movement M1ea7ab9a0-aa56-4b98-aa37-b17b5811dd63
Nautilus Mainnet5bff799d-8a1f-47a1-81fd-40d65dcbdf16

Rate Limit

The rate limit for our APIs is 300 requests every 5 minutes. If you need a higher rate limit, please contact us.