This award goes to the best Web2-style app that can be verified using Celestia and other Web3 technologies. Apps will be judged according to their usefulness and viability in a Web2 context, but must have verifiable or replayable state in order to qualify.

Get Involved

The best way to stay informed about the our hackathon prize is to join our Telegram group. Be sure to also pay close attention to our dedicated channel in Celestia’s Discord and follow us on X.

How To Win


In order to be eligible for this prize, an app must be verifiable using Celestia. This does not mean you must have proofs. However, your data must be published so it can be replayed. It is acceptable to have some non-core functionality that is not verifiable.

Therefore, any of the following would be eligible:

  • Celestia-based sovereign rollups using rollup frameworks, like Rollkit.
  • Rollups using Celestia for DA, including those using RaaS platforms like Caldera and shared sequencers like Astria.
  • Applications using Modular Cloud’s Blob API, allowing them to easily read and write data to the Celestia blockchain.

If you have questions about the eligibility of your project, please reach out on Telegram or Discord.

Judging Criteria

The judges will try to determine which app is the most useful. For example, an onchain To Do List app could be quite useful. However, there are already many great To Do List apps available. Therefore, this might not actually be something that people will want to use. So try to come up with your best idea for an application, and then put it onchain (we will never ask wHy DoEs ThIs NeEd To Be OnChAiN?).

Also, to be clear, useful does not mean that it can’t be fun or funny. As long as people will use it, then we will consider it useful.

There are two main ways to ensure you are building an app that we will consider useful:

  1. Get users
  2. Talk to us on Discord, Telegram, or in office hours. You can get our feedback and even convince us further of your idea. Your conviction will be compelling.

Bonus: Although it is not required, we would love to see your project use Modular Cloud’s products and services. This includes our block explorer and APIs. Please let us know how we can support your project.

Office Hours

We are hosting office hours daily from 10am to 11am PST. Please join us to ask any questions you may have. We can set up other times by request. Use the embedded form below or click here.